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All the information you need about the barred tee

Do you have a piping project and need various parts? Then is the place you are looking for. In their offer you will find literally every part you need. However, if you have little understanding of the various parts, it is better to contact them. That way, you don’t run the risk of accidentally buying a barred tee instead of a normal one and vice versa. They will explain the difference between these parts to you just like they do with the other parts and they know exactly what is right for your project. For example, they will tell you that a tee is a type of attachment that allows fluid to flow on the main line and branch off. The branch can be the same size as the main line or smaller than the main line. The barred tee is a special type of tee that is basic to a normal tee that will be added at a later stage, with bar plates inside the branch outlet to restrict the cleaning pig from flowing from the main pipe into the branch pipes.

Your specialist in pipe pieces with high resistance is your specialist if you are looking for new pipe pieces for your worn out pipeline or for a completely new project. Should your pipes run through water or need to conduct corrosive liquids? Then cunifer is highly recommended. This is a strong alloy with high resistance to corrosive substances. Cunifer is mainly used outdoors in a wet environment and has many properties that makes it durable for a long time. Also, cunifer has anti-fouling properties. This prevents micro-organisms from adhering to the pipes. Would you like to buy cunifer materials or a barred tee? Then you can easily buy them via the website of or you can first call the specialists for more information.

Browse the range and buy everything you need

Do you already know exactly which parts you need? Then use the handy search function to order them in just a few clicks. Are you not sure if a cunifer or barred tee would be useful for your project? Then you can always contact the specialists.

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