Best Museums in Aberdeen


Aberdeen is a historic city, right in the heart of Scotland. While most of you must be aware of the city, many do not have much idea about how rich in history it is. However, once you visit the city, you come to realize that the city speaks for its own history in the form of the numerous museums it has. Below is a list of the museums in Aberdeen that are worth a visit and narrate the olden times of the city.

  1. Aberdeen Maritime Museum

This place tells its visitor a story about the city and its life-long tie with the sea. As the name itself suggests, the museum showcases a wide range of ship building machinery and tools, fishing history, port history and as well as fast sailing ships. Aberdeen Maritime museum enjoys the position of being the only place in the UK which has displays of North Sea oil and gas industry. The museum is located on the historic Shiprow and has an amazing viewpoint over the harbor.

  1. The Tolbooth Museum

It is made in the Aberdeen’s finest, oldest and the most well preserved buildings which used to be an institution to keep the people under the government’s custody. The best part about this museum is that it gives the essence of the place it originally was; 17th century jails and original windows. The old blades of the beheading tools of the 17th century are also still there.

  1. King’s Museum

This museum lies in the heart of the University of Aberdeen and is one of the newly made museums, in terms of its building. However, the exhibits that lie here today can date back to 1727. While some exhibits remain there, the rest of them are frequently changed which the recent researches by the teachers and students that they think should be open to a larger audience.

  1. Gordon Highlander’s Museum

For all those who don’t know, Gordon Highlanders was a line infantry regiment which was active since 1794 to 1994. This museum is made in the house of the Scottish artist, George Reid and has various exhibits of the regiment, including weapons, uniforms and medals as well as photographs and films that relate to the regiment.

  1. Satrosphere Science Museum

If you are visiting Aberdeen with children, Satrosphere Science Museum is the best place to visit. This place gives children as well as the elders a hands-on experience on scientific discoveries and experiments. Moreover, it has interactive exhibits and hold scientist workshops for children as young as 3 years.

  1. Blair’s Museum

Blair’s Museum is bound to develop your interest in Scotland’s Catholic history as it has exhibits dating back to 500 years. The beautiful exhibits include ancient painting, church textiles, the sacred silver and the jaw-dropping St. Mary’s Chapel which is a symbol of inner peace and tranquility.

If you happen to visit Scotland, try your best to make a visit to Aberdeen to learn more about this historically rich place and make sure to visit all the museums to experience the part of history they will take you to. For more information about a budget hotel near Aberdeen Airport, visit the link.