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Collaborative working

Clyde Care is a care for the elderly  organisation and has 225 employees at their headquarters in Glasgow and 34 more locations across the Clyde Valley. The organisation is using a recently decorated headquarters, designed by Amos Beech interior designers, Bart Demetriou and Matt Gillespie, project assistant new construction, renovation and interior design of Clyde Care, talk about the project.

Clyde Care makes use of the former headquarters of Organon in Glasgow, which was empty. Under the direction of Amos Beech interior design consultants, the building has been transformed into a contemporary and innovative office environment, used by two organisations: Clyde Care and Clyde Homes.

Sustainability plays an important role, as well as a certain degree of sobriety.
Sharing knowledge and meeting each other is central to the office building. The property has therefore changed from a traditional ‘cells office’ into a collaborative working environmont and innovative open and agile working office. The degree of concentration and interaction that is needed for your work at that time, determines where you work in the building.

Sam James together with his colleague Deborah McAulay was closely involved in the design of the head office. According to the project officer was the activity based working concept filled in perfectly with furniture manufacturer Samuel Bruce and dealer partner Office Furniture Glasgow. “From an environmental point of view we wanted to actually buy used furniture,” said Gillespie. “But when comparison with Samuel Bruce showed that new furniture hardly differed in price with used furniture and that Samuel Bruce is at the forefront in the filed of the environment .” In addition, the Samuel Bruce range of furniture are of high quality and the company is able to deliver products if desired, after initial installation. 

Clyde Care liked a single point of contact during the provisioning process. “Office Furniture Glasgow turned out to be the right partner. What appeals to us in Samuel Bruce and Office Furniture Glasgow is the enthusiasm and thinking of the people, the quality of the Prisma 2-cabinets and office furniture program Hoop.” In addition, the other furniture by Samuel Bruce – including, for example, the meeting tables – are in the same colours, creating a unity. “Also bugdet and timescales were kept, even though planning and logistics was tight.” The contacts Roy James (Samuel Bruce) and Lesley McKerral (Office furniture Glasgow) made a virtually error-free delivery, installation and assembly possible.

Employees of Clyde Care are according to Demetriou very pleased with the supplied Samuel Bruce furniture. “They experience the tables with pendulum and the electric sit-stand tables of Samuel Bruce as very pleasant. Also the Prism 2-cabinets in acoustic implementation conform perfectly. We had some custom cabinets in our facility and also there palmberg has made sure of that. These were delivered at the same time with the other furniture. Incidentally, custom work for them was no problem, rather a fun challenge.”