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Enjoy a close collaboration for custom paintings with this artist

Ellen De Vylder, a Belgian artist, who shares her talent through abstract, contemporary art. Are you a true art fanatic and are you looking for to purchase your very own original painting? Then we suggest taking a closer look at this artist’s previous work. When collaborating she loves getting to know her buyers along the way. Naturally, her priority is your contentment with the art piece. Therefore Ellen stays in close contact with her buyers throughout the entire process. Mostly she does this to hear your thoughts and opinions. Moreover, if you would like something changed, she is able to make small changes to the commissioned work. Creating art is her way of detaching from reality and just finding a temporary escape into something she adores. Want to know more about what the process of ordering a custom art piece looks like? Keep reading to know all about Ellen’s methods.

Make your house a home with tasteful artwork

First and foremost: Ellen gets her inspiration from daily occurrences and the feelings she experiences during these moments. Based on those emotions she will think to herself what colours they remind her off and that will be her colour palette. To determine the shades she will be using for custom paintings, she asks you: the buyer. Or should we say: the collaborator. You could have different reasons for choosing a certain palette, such as:

  • Wanting a painting that fits your current interior perfectly
  • Immortalizing a feeling and the colours they remind you of
  • Simply request your favourite colours

So you see, there are multiple options to order an original painting that is uniquely yours. Ellen would love nothing more for you to collaborate on an art piece that is completely your own.

Discover examples of her talent on social media

To make sure her art style is completely up your alley, we suggest taking a look at her work from the past. You are able to find some examples on her website’s portfolio or on social media. She is most active on Instagram and Pinterest, here she frequently shares her latest work. Get lost in the magic of her art and start dreaming about your own custom paintings!