Every company uses the double A battery on the daily

August 31, 2020

The double A battery is also known as the AA, Mignon, LR6 or E90 battery. They are one of the most commonly used batteries in companies. Think of a computer mouse and keyboard at the office, a clock in the canteen area of a school or a handheld transceiver used on a construction site. Nearly every company in the world has the need for pocket-sized energy storage in the form of a double A battery. It is therefore rather important to have an affordable and adept partner where companies can buy quality batteries for their applications. 100% PeakPower is such a partner.

Never run out of energy with a volume pack against competitive prices

A double A battery from 100% PeakPower is a great energy source and stores its energy up to 5 years. Buying batteries in bulk may be the successful solution to never run out of double A batteries ever again. In addition, buying volume packs means you pay a lower price per battery.

  • Pack size 4 (£2.50): £0.62 per battery
  • Pack size 20 (£5.99): £0.30 per battery
  • Pack size 40 (£8.99): £0.22 per battery
  • Pack size 100 (£14.99): £0.15 per battery

Availability for private customers

Of course, these prices are also applicable for private customers. The double A battery is indispensable in any modern household as well. From children’s toys to the alarm clock next to your bed – every day starts and ends with the energy provided by the tiny storage unit that fits into your pocket.

Make use of free next-day delivery with your upcoming order

Never again fall without the double A battery at the office. Choose to order volume packs of the double A battery at 100% PeakPower. Get free delivery with orders above £15.00. If you order before 3 PM, your batteries will be delivered on the next day. This is extremely convenient when you are in dire need of batteries.