Have you got large energy bills every month due to heating inefficiencies?

How do you heat your home? Have you got large energy bills arriving at your doorstep every month because your heating is inefficient?


Have you thought of implementing underfloor heating in your home or environment? Understandably, this is a decision that can be hard to make as it does involve investment. However fast forward a couple of years and this investment would have very nearly paid itself of. Looking for statistics? Its simple, Underfloor Heating (UFH) only heats a room up to about 2 metres at optimum heat. The warmth above that is entering the stage where the warmth is cooling down and is falling back to ground level where it is re-heated. This results in a very effective heat cycle and the truth is you only have to have your UFH running for a little while in the morning and a little while in the evening. The reason for this is that the insulation fitted with the system holds a steady heat for a long time meaning your energy bill can be basically cut in half. A lot of heat from homes leaks through the loft and the point on heating a room to 2 metres reduces this dramatically and contributes hugely to this saving.


Does this sound appealing? Here are some more invaluable marks it will make on your life as a house owner.





Step out of bed onto a warm floor, pad through a house without needing shoes in winter time, and never have cold parts in your house. Live in style and warmth and complete comfort.




In combination with a Heat Pump, it is a sustainable energy source which saves you hundreds on heating bills a year. Preserving and caring for the environment has become more and more popular in recent years. Using underfloor heating will put you in the best position for utilising your energy in a smarter way.


Freedom for design


No radiators. More room. Design your modern house with none of those ugly radiators filling your rooms. Create that clean Scandinavian modern look or just enjoy the space it uncovers.




Saving you money on your electricity and/or gas bill as less energy is required to create more heat. Heat loss from your house falls meaning more of the heat created by the system is made use of by you and your family and does not escape and get wasted.


Ideal for old high ceiling houses


Got an old house? Underfloor heating is your answer. Your airspace above 2 metres is wasted space as nobody uses it. Radiators fill the whole room with heat due to where they are situated in the room whereas underfloor heating is different. The 2-metre heated area is all that is required for you and your household. Why heat that extra space.


Ideal for public places like churches and reception halls


 Churches, town halls and reception halls are all large places that are very expensive to heat. Underfloor heating could cut this cost with the 2-metre heat line. All that high roofing will not become a trap for heat and cost the owner/council hundreds of pounds a year on heat that isn’t even used.


Incognito Heat Underfloor Heating Glasgow is a medium sized company based in Stirlingshire. They are a capable company and have supplied underfloor heating services deep into England. However, their most common playing field is in the major Scottish cities like Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dundee and Perth. Interested? Then contact us through our website.


(Imagage credits: Photographer Stirling)