Liebherr wine fridge? for the lowest price

June 30, 2016

Liebherr wine fridge? With the additional wine cabinet were the Christmas days last year still managed. Our own wine Cabinet was already full with that for which a wine Cabinet, wine. And of course it was the refrigerator completely full with everything Besides wine consumed during the Christmas time The freezer did its job and left everything nicely frozen what we, on the ice after, not used at Christmas. Fortunately, the freezer and refrigerator in the kitchen and we had not integrated to the basement as with the wine Cabinet. The wine Cabinet was ideal, however the only drawback was that we had no place in the kitchen, so the basement was the only solution. Which meant to me that I, at good wine drinkers on visit, quite a few stairs had to run. But without wine Cabinet does not work with wine lovers as we are. Last Christmas, which by 2015 as the year before, were just so hot. Pentecost was colder. The whole family would spend Christmas with us, including the expectation that we would take care of those two days extensive Christmas dinners. Within the family we were known as pretty good and creative “tubes” and it was nice and simple when we cooked. Sometime in september, we started putting together the dinners for both days. At least three course is one of us lived, four can also, however less absolutely not. For the first day we had as an appetizer red beets carpaccio, monkfish as a main dish with shrimps in a cognac sauce and homemade vruchtenijs for dessert with chocolate mouse. Of course we had with drinks snacks in advance, this time simple Dutch Apple and frikandels, accompanied by home-made sauces. Incidentally the croquettes and the sausages we would also itself. After the dessert were different types of French cheeses, via a trader in Cornwall (with the best French cheeses and the best information) purchased, ordered and delivered. As was expected of us, we made a very creative menu, everything had to be perfect. It is always tricky for the same people two days straight, spoiled, the perfect dinner to put together and to keep everyone happy. Thereby was putting together the dinner for the boxing day much trickier than for the 1st day. The end we had in our eyes a perfect and yet completely different dinner. The appetizer was a Tuna Tartare with kievitsei’s a fried egg on a bed of edible flowers. The flowers would “float” in a chili – mango sauce, lukewarm. The one dish had a perfect filet of beef in red wine sauce, on a bed of celery – potato mashed with broccoli. And for dessert an original sabayon, a lot of work and a bit of a risk, but with the ingredients at the right temperature it had to actually succeed. And then of course the delicious French cheeses imported from Cornwall. In addition, we had for breakfast and also by the day of everything needed to stay and satisfy the people. After a day or three we had our complete purchase list ready. Wines I had already ordered, when really the best wine merchant, wine promoter. I knew the most important thing, my own taste and the taste of our guests, our wine Cabinet in the basement would do its job, so about the wines one could now no longer complain, as always. Five days before the Christmas season we went into the shop. Fish was at the fish on the coast done, better and fresher could not and the choice is always huge. The meat was ordered from the local butcher and could be picked up the next day, completely prepared. We had there also meats for the sandwiches ordered. The other matters we went at the Makro. Everything we needed we got actually without problem, until we arrived at the cash register, the whole world stood there. But also there is coming to an end, and in the end, everything was neatly next to the fish in the trunk. Come home we had some fight at the take of the refrigerator and the few stuff in the freezer. We had to keep still smoking for everything the next day from the butcher had to be picked up, but it looked good (on the bank account, which was a lot lower become). In the course of the next day I had picked up at the butcher and everything with difficulty in the refrigerator when all of a sudden the bell rang. UPS with the French cheeses the cheese merchant from Cornwall. Where had to be stored, normally cool again now that even outside in the period around Christmas, but with temperatures above 15 degrees Celsius is not. We have completely emptied the refrigerator and whole again, being considered, once again given and that worked. Everything paste and the Christmas season couldn’t be more broken. We removed a delicious bottle of wine, ordered and delivered on time by Wine promoter, and discussed the schedule for the next few days. It was a lot of work, but it was fun to do and it was, probably, much appreciated. Two days before Christmas we decided to do some shopping, we wanted to get a small Christmas gift for everyone and under the Christmas tree. It was far too busy in the city and was actually absolutely no fun, when we much later than thought with all the little gifts came home, I found that I had earned a cold bottle of beer. I opened the crowded refrigerator and picked up without thinking a bottle of beer, at the first SIP I found out it was lukewarm. I opened the refrigerator and to my horror he did nothing more. And the freezer not refrigerator even played more, also he did not do more. Delicious that paired devices. We were desperate, a lot of money to hit and the Christmas season seemed lost without food was also not a fun prospect. And outside it was way too hot, so that was also not a solution. We were right in to the neighbors, maybe they could help us. Frozen stuff were no problem, the freezer of their place in the basement had enough and the rest fit nicely in their wine Cabinet.