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Paint everywhere

The general term for liquid that is used for adding colour to a surface is ‘paint’. Paint is literally a pigmented colouring coating for different surfaces. Somebody who paints for his job is a painter. Usually the powder is the basic ingredient for making paint. This powder is usually made from a variety of chemicals. Most of the pigments comes straight from natural things, for example clay or mud. You have to make the paint wet before adjusting it to a surface. Otherwise the paint will not stick to the surface it is painted on.

There is also a difference in the jobs and tasks that painters have. House- painters are usually painting with enormous cans where the paint is mixed in. Artist have smaller paint in tubes, or make the paint for themselves and also mix it. There are also different kinds of paint brushes. You have a large variety of paint brushes. The house-painters use rollers and for example spray-guns. Another way to buy paint can be online. You can by it in high pressurized cans or you can buy spray paint.

Paint also must have the time to dry. Otherwise the paint will not give the optimal result and you have to paint it over and over again. You can wait 1 hour, 6 hours, 1 day, 3 day, but also a week or 2 weeks. It depends on the type of paint you use. You can also put many layers of paint on top of each other. It is also very important to clean the surface and make sure it is nice and smooth, without any bumps and it also must be dry when you are going to paint. The usage of paint also depends on the type of surface you are going to paint. For example, there is paint made especially for wood and also for metal. Buy your paintsprayers or wagner airless paint sprayer now on the website of