Restaurants in Gdynia

Gdynia’s reputation as the business center of the region reflects your choice of cuisine. In addition to a decent selection of ethnic cuisine, long before its sister cities have dreamed of it, it still has some of the best restaurants in the conglomerate as a whole, while it is alone in terms of selection for a quick snack and easy. still do not grill Poland as Mecca of haute cuisine, but face the creative inclination of the Poles, a revival in the Polish cuisine cannot be as far as it sounds. In terms of variety and quality, your possibilities have increased a hundredfold over the past few years and if it is the classic Polish cuisine you are looking for, international spices or just a loyal old milk bar where you can pick them up ” a splendid break for just about anything, you will not be stuck in the Tri-City.There are literally dozens of good choices.

Serio-We love the first thing that caught our attention was the way the staff was polite and professional when we went. Smile and a feeling that they were really glad to see that they have made for an atypical but excellent start. That did not stop The brick decoration and lots of wood make it very pleasant, while the aromas from the cooking zones are encouraging. The menu is concise with Antipasti Antiquesti, Primi and Secondi all demanding due diligence. Those who expect a strong pizza-pizza hut might be a little disappointed at first sight, but they are not.

Esplendidos Tapas Cigar Lounge- A Spanish themed bar and a restaurant in one of the most unusual buildings of the Tri-city. In the shape of a right triangle on the one hand, the design offers the advantage of the neighboring center of Sopot or Gdynia for the 10 minutes it takes to reach the district of Gdynia Orłowo. The menu is undoubtedly Spanish, so we went to the Marmitako soup with tuna and peppers, a plate of breaded sprats and of course the seafood paella. Okay, although there is more to this place there is a spanish menu. An underground bar and a stage make this place a regular night. There is a full range of cocktails and especially Cuban cigars for smoking in your cigar parlor.

Pollo Loco- They imported a special wood oven in Peru with a frying pan to fry their specially prepared Peruvian chickens, which are coated with their traditional mix of herbs and spices (also imported from Peru). The result is delicious and we love it especially when we order with their fried chips and a salad. The menu is simple – order a whole chicken, half or quarter and fries and wash yourself with homemade lemonade. There is also a Creole pork knife, but it is the chicken that keeps us from coming back, as does the Polish friend who works there.

Haos- A very popular restaurant with a very casual atmosphere serves a variety of dishes from all over Asia. The open kitchen team presented well presented dishes and prizes including Spring Rolls and Tom Yum Soups to start and start Pad Thai and Indian Curry Hands. Our favorites are the “S exyDuck” and the Ramen and it is a great place to come with the family as children love color and taste. A cool place to spend the night with friends as they have a good selection of drinks from Mango Lassi to bottle beer and up to Saki bottles. Worth checking out if you are in Gdynia.

Malika – Probably one of the most interesting places I have found and a sure sign that the culinary taste of Poland has increased dramatically in recent years. Among the flavors of the Mediterranean area, the menu includes dishes from southern Europe and colonial North Africa, from soup, salads, couscous and hummus to a delicious selection of main dishes that contain a lamb meat very tasty what we like.

More information about a scandinavian restaurant in Gdynia? Visit our website. The gard is part of the courtyard hotel so if you want, you cand irectly book a night.