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What exactly is a blister packing machine?

Companies in both the primary as well as the secondary and tertiary packaging sector, may at one point need the assistance of an expert. This is especially the case when they are researching possibilities to develop a new blister packing machine that adheres to all safety and legal regulations. A blister packing machine is used to create unit-dose packaging for a large variety of products. Think of tablets and other edibles. The package consists of a bubble pack with a cavity or pocket where the product can be stored. If needed, the product can be hermetically sealed.

Is there a company that helps with the development and implementation?

GTE-engineering has its headquarters in Horst, near the Dutch-German border. In this way, they have the possibility to help companies throughout Europe, without being limited in their space. It is no surprise that they are one of the leading tech companies. It does not matter whether you need a single blister packing machine to add to your packaging process or whether you want a complete production line that is standardized to your own company. Every project, complex and easy, is met with the same enthusiasm and creativity. Innovation is in this company’s DNA, which ensures you of the best possible solution. Are you convinced you need GTE-engineering as a partner in your own innovation process? Make sure to read on!

How do you contact an expert?

When you trust GTE-engineering with the development and implementation of a bespoke blister packing machine for your company, it may be handy to know how to reach them. It is fairly simple! Contact the experts via the contact information on their website. Directly request a quote through email or simply give them a call if you would like some more information. Their employees are more than happy to discuss possibilities with you. This results in the best bespoke blister packing machine for your company.