Food and Drink

What is a budget hotel and what does that mean in comparison with a luxury hotel?

When you book a hotel for your holiday, you might have observed, that hotels are in different categories available. Those categories refer to the standard facilities, services and amenities the establishment provides. 5-star hotels are top-notch hotels, with budget hotels at the bottom of the range. A budget hotel, therefore, provides a place to sleep and meals to low cost. Still, a budget hotel has to comply with the basic requirements of a hotel. Those are daily room service, air conditioning, television & telephone, broadband connection, doctor on call, pick & drop facility, mineral water, and if you are lucky, sometimes they even offer a multi-cuisine room and a mini bar.

Often those budget hotels are not very big and might be run a family business, with two or three additional staffs. What they do not have are conference rooms and similar facilities. However, if you are not travelling on a business trip, planning for an international conference, then you might be happy to book at a budget hotel. The advantage is obvious. You spend less money on your accommodation and have more money to spend. You can enjoy your holidays, knowing you are neither overpriced, nor do you pay for something, you do not need.

Budget hotels fulfil their task, and beyond that, they have to comply with the minimum standard, which includes all the modern amenities, travellers from today expect. If you look around and do some research, you might even find a budget hotel with a swimming pool, right there where you are planning your holiday!

Depending on where you want to spend your holidays, budget hotels may serve you even better. Because they are small, you might find them right in the centre of where you want to be.

Drinks and meals! Just like in any other hotel, budget hotels offer tasty meals and drinks, however, at a lower price. Again, the money you spend on your food, you have left for other activities.

What about the rooms? — Booking a budget hotel might give you the opportunity to book a bigger room; even one with a balcony with view over the sea or a lake, while in a 5-star hotel, only a small room might fit your budget.

Booking a budget hotel does not mean to spend your holidays in the slums of whatever city you are visiting. Budget hotels are for people like you and me, for families or friends travelling as a group. A budget hotel gives you comfort without the hefty price of a 5-star hotel.

However, when on a business trip or expecting an international business partner, you may opt for a 5-star hotel, with all its luxurious amenities. In some cases, you might want to demonstrate how well of your business is. That said if you hold a meeting or training you have the facilities and even the catering all under one roof.