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What is Spotify and how does it promote musicians?

The logic (and the algorithm) behind Spotify

The logic behind the biggest music platform in the world Spotify is quite interesting for most. Spotify is the biggest music platform that is used by a lot of the smaller musicians that are trying to make a name. these musicians are busy with getting their name out there by increasing their popularity for their targeted audience.

But, this is a big problem at the same time since it is almost impossible to make a living out of this system. Making a living out of making music means that you will have to get millions of listeners to really be able to pay your rent from it. In this article we will discuss this matter and other matters around promoting music on Spotify. To be really able to discuss this it is important to explain the platform Spotify and the algorithm that is behind it. 

External promotion for Spotify

A lot of musicians these days try to kick-start their Spotify career by hiring an external party that helps them with the promotion. These teams that help them are extremely expensive in most cases and don’t deliver what they promise. 

These teams will try to help the musicians with offline promotion of the music. In most cases this is not as efficient as promoting the music online by influencing the algorithm in various manners. This is usually done by buying Spotify plays from an external party that provides them with this. It is very important for these Spotify plays to have a high quality and really help the musician in his career.

Most people don’t know where to buy Spotify plays. This makes it harder for these people to promote their music on Spotify. It isn’t very known that it is possible to buy cheap and high quality Spotify plays to help promote a business and music.

Buy Spotify plays with StreamKO

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