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What to think about when trying car rental in Portugal

When people ask you where you would like to eat like kings, you will probably choose France. If they ask you where you think you will find beautiful artisanal products of artisanal quality, you might be tempted to say Italy. For a beautiful beach holiday, you will probably consider southern Spain. The truth is that Portugal brings all these things together in a fabulous country. Not only does he share the Mediterranean sun and some aspects of his lifestyle, but the Portuguese diet is equally impressive and at a much more affordable cost.

Some of the most beautiful beaches in the world are in the Algarve, while some of the best roads in the world are in the Douro Valley. The size of Portugal means that it is perfectly reasonable to visit several destinations during your visit, and most major tourist sites are never more than a few hours away. Rent a car in Portugal to enjoy your visit

Rent a car and profit from a tour in Portugal :

Portugal is a nation that symbolizes contrasts with many varied landscapes. The country is full of destinations that are major tourist attractions. Some of these destinations may be difficult to access by means of transport other than car rental.To visit Portugal in style, you will need a car, as it is a more convenient way to explore Portugal in an economical way. Our website offers you cheap car hire Portugal, as well as price comparison on rental cars from several agencies, which means you will find a car ready at the airport. Car rental Portugal has many advantages over other modes of transport, for example:

  • Most car rental companies are accessible at any time of the day.
  • Car rental services are time and money saving. You will not waste your time waiting for public transport.
  • You program your visits according to your schedule.
  • Most companies offer customers the convenient option of renting a one-way car. You can rent a car at one destination and return it to another.

Driving in Portugal :

Portugal has a vast road network and the main motorways tend to be modern and in good condition. Many of these routes require tolls. So have enough cash available. The E1 is the main north-south route on the west coast, linking Faro to Lisbon and Porto. The E802 serves the east of the country and the A22 extends from east to west along the Algarve coast.

  • In general, speed is limited to 50 km / h on urban roads, 90 km / h on non-urban roads and 120 km / h on highways.
  • You must drive on the right and pass on the left.
  • All drivers and passengers must wear seat belts at all times.